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Who supplies Girlguiding merchandise?
Volunteer-led shops (depots) are important!
Interested in running a volunteer shop?

Who supplies Girlguiding merchandise?

Girlguiding owns a limited company called Girlguiding Trading Service. Its purpose is to:

►    provide resources, clothing and equipment for guiding

►    produce additional products that add to the fun of belonging to guiding

►    ensure easy access to products

►    generate a surplus (‘profit’) to support Girlguiding’s Statement of Purpose – to enable girls and young women to develop their full potential and make a difference to the world

►    provide a source of information to Leaders, parents and families. 

As well as sourcing and distributing clothing and gifts, Girlguiding Trading Service is also a multi-channel retailer (much like Argos), where you can buy online, through shops (depots) and agents or by mail order via the Guiding Essentials catalogue.  

Trading Service is based in Altrincham, Cheshire and features a modern warehouse operation to fulfil shop/depot orders and our online shop business.

We also license David Luke to produce guiding wear that is sold through high-street shops. You can identify these products by the ‘David Luke’ label. We receive a royalty for licensed products. However, to ensure that the maximum amount of money comes back into guiding, encourage families to buy directly from Girlguiding Trading Service and especially volunteer shops (depots)!

Volunteer-led shops (depots) are important.

Did you know…?

►    Volunteer-run shops/agents account for nearly 50 per cent of Trading Service’s annual sales.

►    They are based somewhere local that’s easy for the parents of your girls to get to, are open outside office hours, can provide the full range of resources and gifts, and allow girls to try on section wear before they buy.

►    Shops/agents are a convenient way for you to buy unit resources, badges (some stock registered badges) and adult Leader wear.

►    Shops are run by volunteers who are an invaluable source of information and impartial advice for parents and girls new to the organisation.

►    Shop/depot profits directly support guiding in the local area.

►    Encouraging parents and families to buy guiding wear from a local volunteer-run shop or agent rather than from the high street means that more money comes back into guiding… and specifically local guiding!

Interested in running a volunteer shop?

For more information about setting up a local shop, or just to find out where your nearest volunteer shop is, please call Trading Service on 0161 941 2237, email us at volunteershops@girlguiding.org.uk or order our free resource Setting Up and Running a Volunteer Shop (order code 6932).