What we store in cookie files

When you visit the Girlguiding online shop, we store a small text file called a 'cookie' on your computer's disk drive. This process is a very common practice, is completely harmless and cannot be used to run programs or deliver viruses to your computer.

We also store some additional information to improve the functionality of the website. When you log in to access the checkout, you are also asked if you would like the website to remember you on your next visit. If you choose this option, your email address, log in preferences, and/or Shop Account Number will be stored in another cookie on your computer. This cookie holds information including the date of your last visit to the Girlguiding online shop.

We never store credit/debit card details in a cookie as these are not secure.

Instructions on how to view the contents of a cookie created by us can be found in your browser's Help pages (usually accessible by pressing the 'F1' key while you have your browser open).

You can also prevent cookies being stored on your computer by setting your browser's preferences accordingly, and instructions can be found in your browser's Help pages. You will still be able to browse many parts of the Girlguiding website, but certain functionality may be restricted, and you will be unable to process an order.