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Changing my cookie settings

Please check your cookie settings below and turn on any cookies you’re happy with.

Essential cookies can’t be turned off. But Optional and Analytics cookies can be turned on or off below.

Learn more about our Cookie Policy on our other pages.

Essential cookies

The following are cookies that must be applied in order for the website to work:

  • GGC.SessionId

    This cookie ensures that any temporary data (such as form submissions) is stored for use during the session

  • basketid

    A cookie is set to store the items you add to your basket

  • GGC.Auth

    A cookie is set to keep your session authenticated after you have logged in

  • GGC.Basket

    A cookie is set to keep your basket tied to your account after you have logged in

  • GGC.QuickshopBasket

    A cookie is set to store the items you add to your quickshop basket

  • GGC.Disabled

    A cookie must be set in order for us to register your cookie preferences

  • GGC.BrowserPopup

    This cookie is used to indicate that a pop up has been acknowledged when a visitor is using an out of date browser

Optional cookies

Some of the functionality of this website may not work properly if these cookies are disabled:

  • GGC.PolicyPopupAccepted

    Used to indicate that you have hidden the cookie policy popup

  • GGC.Visited

    Set when you first visit the site to ensure your browser doesn't unnecessarily re-download assets such as font files

Analytics cookies

We use analytics and tracking cookies to help us improve the website to give you the best online experience:

  • GGC.Analytics

    Used to indicate that you have opted into tracking and analytics

Third-party cookies

Some of the cookies used on our website are set by third parties. We cannot control these cookies but you can manage your preferences directly with them. You can read more about how to manage preferences for third party cookies here.