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About us

Who is Girlguiding?

Girlguiding is the UK’s largest youth organisation dedicated completely to girls. Girls can do anything. We help them know that, whether they’re 4 or 18 or in between.

Who supplies Girlguiding merchandise?

Girlguiding owns a limited company called Girlguiding Trading, which:

• provides resources, clothing, equipment and gifts for members of Girlguiding and the general public
• generates a surplus (‘profit’) to support Girlguiding’s Statement of Purpose – to enable girls and young women to develop their full potential and make a difference to the world
• provides a source of information to leaders, parents/carers, girls and young women

Girlguiding Trading is based in Altrincham, Cheshire and features a modern warehouse operation to fulfil orders.

Girlguiding Trading gives back to girls and ensures 100% of profits stay in guiding - buy your guiding essentials directly from our online shop or through our network of volunteer shops.

Guiding products are also available through these other means, but, unlike buying directly from us, the profits of these sales don’t come directly back to guiding:

• We license David Luke to produce guiding wear that is sold through high-street shops. You can identify these products by the ‘David Luke’ label. We receive a royalty for licensed products.
• There are various other external channels and sellers of Girlguiding products, uniforms and resources, but there is also no guarantee you’ll get the same quality of product as you do when buying directly from us.

How do I order Girlguiding uniform, resources and products?

To order your official Girlguiding uniform, products and resources you can:
• Order online
• Visit your local volunteer shops
• Call us on 0161 941 2237

How can I find out what products are available?

You can view products available to purchase:
• By visiting our Online Shop
• By visiting your local volunteer shop

What are volunteer shops?

Volunteer shops are local shops run by volunteers. They sell Girlguiding products and are an invaluable source of information and advice about guiding and our products. Visiting your local shop is a great way to view and try on our products, and shops can have exclusives on our limited edition badges.
Find your local volunteer shop.

Interested in running a volunteer shop?

For more information about setting up a local shop, please call Girlguiding Trading on 0161 941 2237, email us at


Last updated: Jan 2024