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Skills Builders and UMA's

Skills Builders 

Skills builders link with our programme themes and cover everything girls love about guiding from outdoor adventures to learning leadership skills.

  • Know myself skills builders

    Girls explore emotions and learn about themselves. They’ll look at what they enjoy, build confidence and discover how feelings affect behaviour.

  • Express myself skills builders

    Girls develop their creativity in all sorts of ways. They’ll make up stories and create inventions to solve problems and start thinking laterally and teaching creative skills to friends.

  • Be well skills builders

    Girls learn how to stay healthy and how to help others when they’re hurt.

  • Have adventures skills builders

    Girls have the chance to overcome fears, try new activities and learn survival skills. Getting outside and having adventures has always been an important part of guiding.

  • Take action skills builders

    Girls build skills to make a positive difference, whether in their community, the wider world or with the people they know

  • Skills for my future skills builders

    Girls investigate what they might like to do in the future and how they can grow their life skills.


There’s a huge range of things to try in our growing suite of fun, ready-to-go unit meeting activities.